Which is better: a flu shot or a doctor’s office visit?

A flu shot and a doctor visit?

That’s what one doctor says after a visit to a Florida emergency room for a flu case.

On Saturday, doctors in Tallahassee were forced to turn away a patient who was showing signs of influenza, the second such case in just over a week.

That patient was treated for respiratory illness and then sent home with the flu vaccine, according to NBC News.

The man had visited the emergency room with the symptoms of influenza and was admitted there after having a cough and fever.

When the patient returned, he was showing symptoms of flu and was diagnosed with pneumonia, the station reported.

Doctors took the patient to a hospital and tested for the flu, which is rare in Florida.

He was then discharged and returned to the emergency department where he was again diagnosed with respiratory illness.

The patient had to be treated for pneumonia in the hospital and had pneumonia symptoms again the next day, the doctor told the station.

The hospital sent him home with a flu vaccine.

When asked about the hospital’s decision to not provide the flu shot, the doctors said they were not allowed to share details about the case with the news media, NBC News reported.

However, the Florida Department of Health did confirm that the patient had tested positive for influenza and that the hospital had the flu shots.

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