Which of the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Huawei Watch, and other smartwatches is the best?

With the announcement of the latest version of the Android Wear platform, Google and Apple are pushing the boundaries of what we’re accustomed to seeing with their own smartwears.

For Android Wear, Google introduced the watch face that can be configured to display the clock, date, weather, and more.

The other addition to the platform is the built-in flashlight, which was added as an extra feature to the watchOS platform last year.

Both of these watches have been designed with a lot of customization options and customization options can be found on the Google Watch, but they’re also two of the most expensive smartwares available right now.

The Huawei Watch is a $600 watch with a stainless steel case, a silver strap, and a gold band that can accommodate up to five devices, but its battery life is limited to two hours and it costs $1,500.

It has a large OLED display and can display up to 30 different colors, but the Huawei Watch has no built-off navigation functionality.

The Samsung Gear has a price tag of $1-2,000, but it’s the only smartwatch to include a built-on flashlight and it comes with a battery of up to four hours and is available with two devices.

The Apple Watch has an extra $400 option, the $2,100 Apple Watch Sport, which has a gold and black strap, but that’s only for its watchOS 2.0 update.

There’s also the Samsung Gear S, which is the most affordable smartwatch on the market with a price of just $100.

It’s the same size and has a similar design, but has a much more powerful processor and is much more expensive than the Huawei and Apple watches.

These watches come in a variety of sizes and models and there are plenty of other options, but here are some of the best smartwands available right this minute.

The Google Watch The Google watch has always been an option for Android Wear owners, but Google didn’t introduce a smartwatch with the same features as the Apple watch until recently.

The first smartwatch from Google was the Google Chromecast, a smart TV with a built in HDMI port that was used to stream videos to a set of connected devices.

Google announced a second version of its Chromecast at Google I/O in June 2018, but this time the company brought in the ability to control the streaming device directly from the watch.

With the second version, the device is no longer controlled from the phone, but can be controlled by the Google Home app on your phone.

With Google’s Chromecast-enabled smartwalls, you can watch streaming videos on your smart phone and control the device via your Android Wear smartwatch.

The Chromecast is now available in many countries around the world.

The Gear S Gear S has a $300 price tag, but you’ll have to shell out another $400 for the optional Samsung Gear Live, which will let you control the watch directly from your Android device.

With Gear S you can also control the phone via the Android app, but unlike the Android phone app, you need to log into the Gear app to control your smartwatch via the Gear Live.

The Moto 360 Smartwatch Nowadays, there are multiple smartwashes available for Android devices, including the Moto 360, the Moto X, and the Moto Z. There are four models of the Moto 3, which came out in April 2018.

The four Moto 360 smartwishes all have a built into the watch, but one of them, the Google Smartwatch 3, is different from the other four.

The watch on the Moto360 is powered by Google’s Android Wear app, and it’s just like the watch on most Android smartwests, except you can control it directly from Android.

You can also adjust the screen to make it look more like a smart phone, and you can even use it as a speaker.

This is all well and good, but there’s one big difference between the Moto Smartwatch on Google’s watch and the other Moto 360s.

The device is completely standalone and no software is required.

Google also has a dedicated app for the Moto 2, which makes it easy to control Android devices with your watch.

The Motorola Moto 2 Android Wear watch, shown here, has a USB Type-C port and an infrared blaster for charging the Moto2 Android Wear Smartwatch.

In fact, the Motorola Moto2 is the only Moto smartwatch that has Bluetooth 4.0, a Bluetooth-enabled connection, and wireless charging support.

The company also announced a new version of this Moto smartwish for the Motorola Z, which ships in August 2018.

Unlike the Moto smart watch, which includes a built right into the smartwatch itself, the Z has two sensors on the back of the watch and you’ll be able to use these sensors to control other smartwatch devices like phones

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