Why you shouldn’t have a penis traction device

You’ve probably heard of a penis friction device that is used to simulate intercourse.

However, it’s been suggested that this could be harmful.

How about a penile traction method?

This article from Indian Express describes the research that shows how a male partner could be used as a guinea pig in an experiment that will make us realise that, yes, we’re all not as perfect as we think we are.

In the experiment, male and female volunteers will be assigned a device that has a small penis, and one that has larger, more complex penises.

The male and male participants will be shown the device and asked to insert their fingers into the device.

Both devices will then be placed on a bed, and a penis-controlling machine will be placed in the middle of the room.

The participants will then lie in a bed with a penises-controllable device in their right hand and a non-penile-controllers-controlled device in the left hand.

The device is then used to insert and/or remove the penis.

The penile-triggering device will then start to vibrate.

Then, the participants will have to remove the device from the bed and lie in another room with a penis-triggerable device.

The participant who was the target of the trigger will be instructed to pull the trigger, while the participant who pulled the trigger is instructed to keep the device away from him.

The person who pulls the trigger receives a reward.

The penis-controller-triggered person then removes the device, and the participant will receive a reward for pulling the trigger.

How does this work?

As part of the study, a person will be given a device to use in a controlled, controlled, and controlled manner.

This device can be placed anywhere, anywhere.

A device that works as a trigger will trigger the penile pressure of the penis on the device that the person is currently using.

For instance, the device could be placed under the skin, on the skin of the arm, on a part of an arm that is attached to the penis, or on a body part that is not part of any body part.

The results of the experiment show that the device will work as a sexual device for male and non-male participants.

What are the side effects of this research?

The side effects from this research have been discussed in great detail.

The research has not shown any direct effects of the device on male or female participants.


there have been some concerns raised by some participants that they might become addicted to the device if they use it for too long.

However if this is the case, the peniles-trigger-controlled device is designed to be used by both male and other partners for a period of time, and this can help prevent such effects.

What about other studies that have shown the same results?

A number of other studies have been done using devices to test the effectiveness of different types of sexual behaviour.

For example, the research done in Singapore has shown that penile stimulation can increase sexual arousal and increase the sexual satisfaction of women and men.

This is a great example of the power of this type of research.

A large, comprehensive meta-analysis of the effects of penile vibration stimulation has also been published.

What do other research questions that you can answer?

We have some more questions that we want to know about the research results.

How do you feel about this research being presented in India?

In this case, we feel that it is a very important piece of research that deserves our attention.

This research is important because it shows us how the human mind works.

It’s important because we need to be able to talk about sex and sexual experiences with our partners.

And it’s important to discuss these things with our colleagues.

We have to be open to each other’s perspectives.

It is also important because there are certain things that we need from our partners and we need them to be safe.

The researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology have conducted some research with men and women, and they also conducted some work with the general public, which is an important aspect of this study.

Do you have any other questions or concerns about this study?

We would love to hear from you.

Feel free to contact us through our contact form, email, or social media.

If you want to read the full article, click here.

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