The biggest Android smartphone sales drop in history

September 14, 2018 02:33:22 Google and Android smartphone maker Xiaomi are expected to announce the next batch of phones this week, but it’s unclear how many will be available for purchase.

A source close to Xiaomi told Reuters that the company is “confident” it will have a total of 100 million smartphones in the hands of customers, and that the remaining 100 million will be sold by the end of the year.

According to the source, Xiaomi is working on selling a few hundred million of the phones through an auction, and then it will be up to its partners to make sure they are in stock, or be sold.

Xiaomi’s stock has fallen over 50 percent since April 1, 2017, when it hit a record $1.2 billion.

Apple and Amazon are expected, in turn, to release their next batch and offer them for sale.

The third batch of iPhones and iPads will be released by the company on September 15, and they should sell for around $1,000, the source said.

Xiaomi will be selling the new iPhones and the iPad through an online auction, but no pricing has been announced yet.

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