How the surge protection devices are being used in Israel

A wave protection device (WMD) is a device that detects and prevents a nuclear explosion, and is typically used in places like nuclear power plants and air traffic control facilities.

In Israel, a number of Israeli agencies have been using WMDs to detect and prevent nuclear blasts.

In 2013, a Palestinian terrorist who was working on a bomb was found to have an WMD, but it was later discovered that the device was designed to stop a hydrogen bomb.

The WMD was later destroyed by a bomb planted on it, although the device failed to detonate.

A different terrorist who worked on the bomb was arrested and later convicted of possessing the device, but he was never charged with a nuclear attack.

However, in 2016, Israel launched an extensive investigation into the possibility that a new nuclear weapon was being constructed in Iran.

A similar investigation has been launched into the alleged construction of a new WMD by Israel.

Israel is currently conducting the most extensive investigation yet into the construction of Iran’s new nuclear weapons program, and its intelligence services are already investigating the possible construction of an Iranian nuclear device, the Times of Israel reported.

The device is called a surge protection system, and it consists of an electronic device that can detect a nuclear blast and warn its owner that a nuclear bomb is about to explode.

An Israeli government source told the Times that the surge protector is used in nuclear blast detection at a number the sites of the planned Iran nuclear facility.

According to Israeli officials, the device is made up of three parts: a radar-imaging unit that can track nuclear explosions, a sensor that detects nuclear blasts, and a power generator.

The surge protector was initially deployed at the site of a planned nuclear plant in Israel, but Israeli officials believe that the Israeli military is using the device to detect nuclear blasts at other sites, including at a uranium enrichment facility in Iran, and at the West Bank.

The Israeli government is currently in the process of developing an operational plan to counter Iranian nuclear attacks.

Iran, the United States, and Russia are believed to be the main sponsors of Hezbollah, and Iran’s nuclear program is the main obstacle to the peaceful nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers.

Iran has threatened to use WMD to retaliate for the United Nations sanctions, and the Israeli government has warned that it will retaliate for any sanctions it is subjected to if it does not agree to a deal.

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