5 things we learned from the first day of the Oculus Developer Conference

Oculus has officially announced its new VR headset, the Oculus Rift.

As we’ve been reporting, the company’s new headset, called the Oculus Touch, will ship later this month, and it’s likely that the new headset will be a big part of what we’ll be seeing in the first few weeks of 2017.

Oculus Touch will feature a new form factor that’s much like the one the company is already using in its Gear VR line of headsets.

We’ve seen this design before, but Oculus Touch isn’t the only way the company has tried to create a more mobile-friendly VR headset.

Earlier this year, Oculus unveiled the Oculus Connected, a new mobile-first VR headset that will work with iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Oculus ConnectED will also work with both Windows PCs and Macs.

The headset will have both a touchpad and a headset-like display, but unlike the Gear VR, it’s not being sold as a standalone device.

Instead, Oculus Connecteds will work on top of a separate headset that supports touch and voice control.

This headset is also expected to have some form of facial recognition, and Oculus Connectes will work in conjunction with the Oculus Home VR app, which will allow users to remotely control the Oculus VR headset from a phone.

Oculus will be using the Oculus Platform, which lets developers integrate VR games and apps into their own apps, to help distribute the new Oculus Touch.

Oculus Platform will also be used to deliver additional apps to developers that aren’t currently available in the Oculus Store, such as an SDK that will let developers make their own headsets, which we expect to be similar to the way the Oculus SDK for Android works.

This SDK will allow developers to build their own VR apps, but the SDK will also allow developers, like Oculus, to distribute those apps on the Oculus platform.

The SDK will be available for a year, and we expect that the Oculus Mobile app will be part of this SDK.

Oculus is also planning to integrate Oculus Touch with other platforms.

Oculus plans to launch a version of the Rift headset for mobile devices in the coming months, but that version of VR will not be compatible with iOS devices.

The Oculus Rift has had a few iterations over the years, but it’s hard to know exactly how this new headset design will look when it launches in the future.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new details on Oculus Connect and the new Rift.

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