Sprint to offer Crossbow cockings in smartphone, tablet bundle

Sprint will soon offer smartphone, tablets, and smart home accessories from its Crossbow mobile and tablet lines.

The wireless carrier will begin offering Crossbow accessories in the United States later this month, the company announced today.

The Crossbow line of smartphones and tablets includes the HTC 10, the Galaxy S7, the Google Nexus 5X, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Sprint also launched the Crossbow Smart Stick, a new device designed for those with disabilities.

“Sprint is launching an exciting new line of accessories for those who rely on their mobility to enjoy their work, play, and social lives, and to make the most of their mobility,” said David Cohen, CEO of Sprint.

“The Crossbow Mobile and Tablet line of products offer mobility and mobility solutions for those of us who depend on mobility to live, work, and play in the 21st century.”

The Crossbows mobile and Tablet accessories will be available for purchase starting in late January and the Crossbows Smart Stick is scheduled to launch in early February.

The Sprint Crossbow smartphone and tablet bundle will include Crossbow smartphones and Crossbow tablets, with the Crossblade Smart Stick and Crossblade Home set to be released in late March.

“The Crossblade mobile and Smart Stick products are designed for the unique needs of the CrossBlade community,” said Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure.

“These devices offer advanced technology that is easy to use, with a broad range of features that offer the flexibility and convenience of a smartphone.

The new Crossbow phones and tablets will be more affordable and feature faster speeds and larger screens that will allow Crossblade members to enjoy the benefits of their Crossblade smartphone and tablets.”

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