Which smart TV devices should you buy?

More than 20 new devices have arrived at the retail shelves in recent weeks, and while they have many similarities to Apple TV, the latest ones may have a unique appeal.

These are devices that can offer you an alternative to your cable TV subscription.

We’ve already covered a number of the smart TVs on the market and a few of them have received a bit of buzz as well.

One such device, the Roku Ultra, is the first one we’ve seen in a while.

The Roku Ultra is an HDMI streaming device, which means that it can be used on your TV without a separate set-top box.

That means that you don’t need to buy a separate TV box or a cable box to get a Roku Ultra.

The company has partnered with Amazon to make this a reality, and it will be available in July for $179.99 with free shipping.

The device itself is pretty similar to the one from last year, though it does have some changes.

For one, it has a larger screen, which is great for watching videos.

You’ll also notice that the Roku comes with two HDMI ports, one for your mobile device, one that will work with your TV.

The HDMI port on the Roku’s side has been moved to the top, and that’s where you’ll be able to charge your device.

We think this is a great move, as it allows the device to be used with many different types of devices.

Another big difference is the Roku logo on the side.

This is a bit weird because we don’t really like the logo on Roku boxes, but we understand that the company wants to bring back its old logo for the new Roku Ultra device.

The new Roku has been around since 2012 and has been available in more than 100 countries.

There are a few differences to consider here.

The first is that Roku Ultra comes with a new Roku logo.

The logo is on the bottom of the Roku and can be seen when the Roku is connected to a TV.

That logo is very small, and when you look at it from the front, you can see the logo’s logo, but it’s not on the front of the device.

Instead, it’s on the back.

This logo isn’t as good as the previous logo on top of the box, which we like.

The second is that the device has a smaller footprint.

The box is just over two inches across and it measures 4.8 by 4.7 by 2.8 inches.

This makes it less bulky and allows for easier storage.

The third is that it comes with the same Roku streaming audio quality as the Roku 4 and the Roku Streaming Stick.

This means that the new device will work well with most of the popular streaming devices.

The final difference is that you can set the Roku on a dock for watching movies or videos.

We’re a little disappointed that this isn’t on the new box, but Amazon has been working hard to make the Roku ecosystem a bit easier to use.

You can also set the device as a hub for other apps and devices to stream content to the device from a web browser.

That’s not a big deal, as you’ll still be able connect your devices to a remote and use the Roku to control them.

Roku is not the only streaming device with a redesigned logo.

Apple TV has been receiving a bit more attention lately, and its new logo looks quite similar to Roku’s.

The design is different from the one on the previous Apple TV and it also has a bit bigger screen.

The Apple TV still looks the same, though.

It’s still a Roku device, but there are a couple of minor changes that make it stand out.

First, it comes in two sizes.

The one on top is 5.5 inches, while the one underneath is 2.1 inches.

Both the front and back are made from aluminum.

The front is covered with a glossy black cover that looks very nice.

The back is covered in a glossy white color and is covered by a thin silver band.

The color of the band is quite different from that of the front cover.

The antenna on the top of this device looks quite different as well, and we’re not sure if it’s because the device is being made by Amazon or because they’ve changed the antenna to be a bit thinner.

The next big difference we noticed on the Apple TV is that instead of having the logo at the top and bottom, the logo has been changed to a large arrow that points down.

The arrow looks nice and is much easier to read.

The last thing we noticed about the new Apple TV logo is that there are no more screws on the sides of the unit.

The original logo on Apple TV came with two screws.

These screws were in the same place as the ones that hold the front panel in place, but the screws were now removed and replaced with something that looks a bit different.

The brand new logo on this device comes with three screws.

We didn’t notice this change in the design, but

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