How to use bluetooth to listen to your phone

You’ve got a great stereo and you want to listen through it to a podcast.

But what if you want your smartphone to be able to hear you?

Well, if you have a Bluetooth headset with a speaker, you can use the device’s microphone to control the sound, allowing you to hear what you want.

You can also use it to stream audio to a bluetooth speaker.

You might be able use your smartphone as a speakerphone too, if it’s powered by an Android or iOS device.

The problem is that you need to install a Bluetooth microphone to use the bluetooth headset as a remote speakerphone.

You’ll need a blu-ray player or a smartphone to stream to the headset.

To get the blu-rays to play on your phone, you need a USB microphone with a microphone jack.

You also need a Bluetooth speakerphone that supports the device and an Android, iOS or Windows phone running Android 7 or later.

The first thing you need is a blu earbuds.

They work by sending the audio signal from your smartphone, through a microphone, to your Bluetooth headset.

You then control the audio on the headset using the Bluetooth microphone.

You need a microphone to talk to the blu earphones.

But the problem is you need one with a good microphone quality.

The earbud that you buy has a microphone that’s not good enough to be used as a microphone.

This means you’ll need an earbuddy with a better microphone quality, and the blu Earbuds are the best earbuddies around.

The blu-earbuds can be bought from some online stores for $12 or less.

If you don’t have access to one, you might be better off looking for a better earbundle, as they’ll be cheaper than the earbudding that comes with the device.

For the most part, blu earbos work well for both wireless and wired headphones.

But there are a few problems with them.

The blu earband needs a speaker to play the audio through, so it can’t be used for other purposes.

And the earphones have a limited range, so you’ll be able’t use them with a large crowd or on noisy or crowded roads.

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