Kegel exercise device could be the next step for anti-snoring device

Kegels are a form of exercise where a person stands on their head with their back to the body and performs a push-up or pull-up.

They are often used for strength and conditioning, but researchers are trying to make them more wearable.

Smart Life devices, which are similar to a Kegeling exerciser, are currently in development by a company called Smart Life Technologies.

They may be able to improve breathing and support for other people.

The company’s CEO and co-founder, Michael Denton, said in an interview with Business Insider that the devices would offer a new way to engage with people while exercising.

Kegl exercisers can use a Bluetooth device to track an individual’s movement, and a person could even be able ask for help while doing it.

Denton said that the Smart Life device, which is called the Kegler, could be a “killer app” for people who struggle with snoring or have difficulty getting the proper amount of oxygen to their lungs.

But the device also faces challenges in making it practical for people to wear while exercising, since it’s too bulky to wear on their face or body.

“We want people to feel good while they’re exercising,” Denton told Business Insider.

The new Keglar device, a product that Denton describes as “an exercise accessory,” comes in three sizes: the regular, the light, and the heavy.

It’s meant for people between ages 12 and 45 who do not have mobility impairments.

It is expected to be available in the fall.

Dinton said that he thinks that the Keflex, a device designed to help people who have arthritis, is a better option for those with mobility impairions.

The Keflix is designed to improve joint mobility in people who are not able to wear a regular Kegle exercise device because of the weight and size of the device.

But Denton acknowledged that people with mobility disorders could be more comfortable with the KEGLEX, because it is designed for people with disabilities.

“The Kegli is a great solution for people in the community who have mobility disabilities,” Dickson said.

Dickson noted that the device can also be worn on the forehead and can be worn under a mask.

Diamandis said that if the Kewl is approved for use in the U.S., it will be distributed by Smart Life Systems.

Smart Lives CEO Scott McLean said in a statement that he hopes to bring “the power of exercise to people of all ages.”

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