The latest on the Sony hack

Hacker News users are calling out Sony for the latest hack.

The news came out earlier today, when the Sony emails leaked to the media.

According to a report from Forbes, Sony was hacked by an unknown group.

Sony released a statement on their Facebook page today, explaining that “some of our internal network data was leaked.

Our systems were hacked in the process.”

The hackers also stole passwords, email addresses, and other sensitive data from the company’s network.

They claim that they can get access to the data via a variety of methods, including through email, FTP, or an “unknown method.”

In an email sent to a Sony customer, they ask if they have a password for the password-protected network.

The hacker then asks for the user’s contact information and asks for their email address.

Sony then asks them to confirm their email account and their password, which they do, and they can then access their account via their account credentials.

They ask if anyone else has the same information and they tell them to get in touch.

They then say, “The only way you can recover it is if you contact Sony directly.

Otherwise, we will need to destroy all the data on your system.”

In another email sent on Wednesday, the hackers claim that the information they stole is “very large” and “highly sensitive.”

The group claims that they are able to obtain the data “by infecting your machines” with malware and then infecting it with the malicious software.

“If you don’t trust us, we can’t infect you,” they say.

The hackers then ask the company to delete the information that was leaked and to notify them that they have “an email address” and the password.

In another message, the hacker claims that the company “would be happy to assist us” in getting the information back, saying, “We will destroy all your data, including your files, photos, and videos.”

They also ask that they “please send your email address, phone number, and your CVV to us, and that you use our code.”

They claim they are asking the hacker to “kill all the files and emails on your computer.”

In a second email sent by the hackers, the group claims they have information on “the top executives” of Sony.

They also claim that Sony “has an email account” that they want to send to the company, which the hackers are then able to access.

They say that the emails are from “top executives of Sony” and they will “be sending all of your files and attachments to them.”

In yet another email from the hackers that is sent to the group, the company claims that their “data has been deleted.”

According to Forbes, the emails that were leaked include the following: “Sony has an email address that they need to contact for an investigation of an incident in which their network was compromised.

Please contact them via email at [email protected] or by calling their support number at (855) 762-2340.

They are currently investigating a customer’s data breach involving the company.”

Sony responded to the hack with a statement, saying “We are aware of reports that a few of our employees may have accessed confidential information.

The company is investigating and has no further comment.”

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