When you want to talk on your smartphone, you’ll need a different device for that

“What’s a Chrome device?”

This is the question Google has been asking when it comes to the future of Android.

In a new blog post, Google’s director of product management, Kevin Smith, says that Chrome devices will eventually be able to connect to your mobile phone, tablet or other device to control apps and use the cloud.

“Google Chrome will be able connect to Android devices and share data with Google, including your Gmail, Google Docs and Drive accounts,” Smith wrote.

“You can also now use Chrome to control Chrome devices using your phone or tablet.

This is great for sharing photos and videos with your friends, controlling a web browser, watching YouTube, and controlling other devices on the go.”

It’s a big deal, but Google hasn’t yet said when the technology will be available.

It’s a little confusing when it first comes to using a Chrome-powered device.

Google has long allowed users to use their Android phones or tablets as remote access devices, and even to sync data to devices like an Apple TV.

That’s because the Google-made Android operating system can’t be used for anything that needs to be synced to a third-party device.

“It’s always important to remember that we’re not in control of the data you send to your Google account, we’re just a conduit for the data that’s being sent to us,” Smith said.

Google’s cloud-connected devices will be a much more robust way to access data, with Google being the only one to have complete control over the device.

The company says that the Chrome devices would not have to be connected to your Android phone or other Android device, so they could be used with other devices, like TVs or other streaming media players.

It will be interesting to see how the technology evolves over time.

For now, it seems like we’ll be able use Chrome-enabled devices to control many of the apps that we use on our smartphones and tablets, even if they are running on the Chrome OS.

It might be a good time to start using your Android-powered Chrome device as your remote access device, or at least as a backup for your phone.

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