Driver caught in ‘sting’ by Tesla’s new ‘driverless’ vehicle tracking feature

By now you’ve probably seen the headlines and videos about the Tesla Model 3.

The car is the first mass-market electric car that will be able to drive itself, and that’s pretty cool.

It’s not the first time Tesla has offered a car that can do something that’s not possible on the road.

Last year the company unveiled a driverless car that uses a camera and radar to navigate around a complex cityscape and find parking spots for you and your car.

The vehicle is not quite autonomous, but it’s able to navigate, and it’s quite safe.

This year Tesla added an additional feature that lets the vehicle “see” other cars in the same lane.

The system uses laser sensors and other sensors to detect objects in front of the car, as well as obstacles in the road and its surroundings.

It then uses a system of cameras to identify them, and use that information to make a decision about whether to pull over and park or move the car around.

And it does this with very little human input.

The company’s Autopilot system, which is what the company refers to as “self-driving,” can now take the lead, and the driverless vehicle can “see,” it says.

Tesla’s system is based on the same technology as Google’s “driverless car” that is used in the driver-assistance program Waymo.

It can detect a vehicle’s hazard lights, lane markings, and other features and react to them.

The driver of the vehicle can then choose whether to brake, stop, or accelerate to avoid hitting an obstacle.

Tesla says the system works by learning from the vehicle, which can then use data about how it’s driving and how much braking it’s doing to make the best possible decision.

The autonomous system can take up to 100 miles per hour, but at a high speed.

The Autopiler system is a separate autonomous system that operates in parallel with the autonomous vehicle.

The cars are driven by sensors inside the car.

And the cars can see each other.

The technology is also being tested in the UK and Germany, where Tesla is testing its self-driving technology in real-world conditions.

But in the US, Tesla’s vehicle tracking system has been largely limited to the test area at the company’s Fremont, California, factory.

But it’s now being rolled out across Tesla’s California factories and at some other facilities in the state.

In Nevada, the company has been using it in a testing zone in Las Vegas for a month, and Tesla says it’s making a big push to roll it out in other states soon.

The new technology has been tested on both the road, in simulated situations, and in real conditions.

The Tesla Autopilots are a part of a fleet of about 40 vehicles that are being used by the company to test its autonomous driving technology, Tesla says.

In the past, Tesla has used cameras and radar sensors to find other vehicles in the parking lot of a Tesla factory.

Tesla has also been testing the technology in the wild in Nevada, where it has the largest factory.

A few years ago, the Nevada legislature passed a law that requires the state to build a self-parking system at its own factory.

Nevada has since been able to test the system and show it works.

“The state of Nevada has been very enthusiastic about this technology,” said Tom Kloza, vice president of public policy for Tesla’s North American headquarters.

“We have a good relationship with the Nevada Department of Transportation, and they have been very responsive to our requests to deploy the technology.”

The Nevada law is still in effect, but Tesla has already begun rolling out the system in other locations.

The California law, however, is different.

In California, the law states that a company must install a system that can be operated in real world conditions in a test area, rather than in a parking lot, to be considered autonomous.

But Tesla says that the Nevada law doesn’t mandate the installation of a system in an urban environment.

“There’s a lot of people who don’t have a lot to lose from this,” said Klozas.

“They could do this at the plant.

They could do it in the park.

It depends on what the conditions are, but they’re not going to do that.

They’re not gonna do that if there’s not an actual traffic jam.

So we’re trying to do this with the best of conditions, so we can do the testing in the best way we can, but we’re also trying to make sure that our systems are safe.”

Tesla says Nevada’s law is a big step forward for the state, and one that will benefit Nevada’s auto industry and the economy.

“Our goal is to be a leader in the auto industry in Nevada,” said Tesla’s Klozi.

“It’s important that Nevada has a robust test environment, and a wide variety of environments that will enable us to get this right.” The

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