Which languages are spoken in the United States?

The Pew Research Center’s 2016 Global Bilingualism report found that “more than half of all adults in the world have a native language spoken at home, and nearly three-quarters of these have a language spoken by their family and friends.

However, while there is a substantial number of adults who speak languages other than English at home and around the world, a disproportionate share of them are not.

In fact, in 2016, roughly 15% of the world’s population was not native-language speakers, and more than half were not fluent in English, a figure that has grown over time as a result of globalization and technological change.”

The report found, for example, that “around 10% of adults are bilingual,” but they are “only one in four of them.”

A more accurate and accurate definition of native-speaker is “one who speaks at least one of the languages spoken by the majority of the population.”

This means that while one-in-five of the U.S. population is “not a native speaker of any of the language spoken in their homeland,” the same number of Americans have a bilingualism level of three to four times higher than native-English speakers.

A bilingualism score of at least four is considered a good sign, while a score of six is considered very good.

Pew researchers also found that about 40% of all U.M. residents speak English at least “somewhat,” or have a “moderate” level of proficiency.

A score of more than four is very good, and a score between four and six is good.

(The United States is ranked eighth out of 34 nations in the 2016 Global Diversity Index, which measures the global level of linguistic diversity.)

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