What you need to know about a new feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphone, the Galaxy S7, launched last month with a few changes.

The company’s new fingerprint scanner is now on the back of the phone, and it can unlock the device from a fingerprint reader if the device is unlocked with the fingerprint sensor.

That means you can use the phone with an unlock key or even a stylus, although you’d need to unlock it with the capacitive screen on the front.

The fingerprint sensor can also be used to unlock the Galaxy Note 7, a device that Samsung has said will launch next month.

The Note 7’s fingerprint sensor is not a replacement for the Galaxy TouchWiz fingerprint reader, which Samsung said is designed to “bring Samsung’s fingerprint experience to more users”.

In addition, Samsung has removed the ability to set a “high-resolution” mode, which allows you to use a larger portion of the screen for text and icons.

Samsung said this change was made to improve the fingerprint experience on the Note 7.

But the new feature has raised eyebrows, and some users are saying it’s not worth the extra hassle.

Samsung’s new feature can be accessed by swiping up on the home screen.

Samsung says this allows you access to a number of features, including the camera, microphone, speakers, and notification panel.

Samsung has also added the ability for the device to detect the presence of a different device or app on the screen, such as when a user is using the Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S4.

That includes a “keyguard” app that can use a PIN or password to unlock a Galaxy S5 device or a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The new feature is enabled by default, but you can disable it if you like.

The feature is also enabled for the fingerprint reader in the Galaxy Lock app, which lets you use it to unlock and lock a device by using a fingerprint.

Samsung removed the fingerprint scanner from the Note 4 and Galaxy S3 in December.

In October, Samsung said it was looking to improve its fingerprint scanner and fingerprint reader experience, but the company hasn’t said what the changes are.

It’s not clear how many people are using the fingerprint technology, but many are using Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones in China and other countries with poor connectivity.

Samsung also removed the option to lock the Galaxy Edge, a premium feature on the Galaxy A9 smartphone, and the Galaxy Tab 3.

The device is now a Samsung flagship smartphone and the company says the Galaxy Tabs, a tablet version of the device, are coming soon.

It is still unclear if Samsung plans to reintroduce the fingerprint option on the S6 Edge+.

Read more Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Samsung Galaxy Edge+ feature also appears to have changed the way Samsung sells its Galaxy smartphones.

It has been renamed “TouchWiz” and the Samsung Edge Edge has been removed from the company’s website.

Samsung does not offer a retail price for the Edge, but it is available in the US for $399.99.

In Canada, the device sells for $449.99, but there is no international price yet.

The Edge+ is also available in Europe.

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